What is Noca

It is the union of people who pooled their expertise to change the coffee growing scenario. We combined our background in coffee production with our experience in the international market and created NOCA. We are your coffee hunter, your curator, and your relationship manager all year round!

What we believe

We believe that finding the best coffee directly from producers for your business should not be a problem but a solution. We believe that having direct access to the producer, with transparency, should be easier and more common. We believe that having a coffee menu differentiated both in terms of sensory and regional aspects and receiving coffee prepared with full traceability, with data entered by the producer, directly from the farm, values not only the coffee but also who produces it, who buys it, and who consumes it.

Our goal

Our main goal is to overcome the main difficulties of the two main links in coffee farming: producers and roasters. For producers, our goal is to direct their coffees to markets focused on specialties that value not only their coffee but also its history. For buyers, such as coffee shops, roasters, and importers, our objective is to deliver coffee directly from the producer, with varied sensory profiles and a diversity of producing regions, with quality, traceability, and transparency.

How we do

  • Community of producers

    Through our partnership with Flowins we have a community of more than 70 active producers and more than 2,000 on the waiting list, who receive support from property management and commercial guidance.

  • Coffee curation

    We have a specialized quality laboratory with technicians and a team of Q-graders who classify the coffees. With access to several producing regions, we have sensory profiles that range from the simplest to the most complex.

  • Preparation and specialized storage

    The preparation of the coffees is carried out by Carapina Warehouse, which has modern space and machinery, as well as an experienced team, ensuring that each batch is prepared according to our instructions and is perfect for sale.

  • Technology and innovation in marketing

    We have a marketplace where coffees from our partner producers are available for purchase, so our commercial partners can access and search for the coffee they want, using filters and improved searches within the platform. All of this in real time, integrated with the producer and warehouse stock.

  • Direct and transparent connection

    In addition to coffee, we are facilitators, bringing producers and buyers together. We maintain an open path for exchanges and sharing between those who produce and those who buy the coffee.

  • Marketing

    We connect producers, roasters and consumers, through social networks, with audiovisual productions and marketing campaigns. We generate content in order to strengthen the partnership and value the work of everyone involved.

  • Support and logistics

    We have a team of experts focused on administration and logistics so that your purchasing experience is quick, without bureaucracy and you receive your coffee using the best shipping, be it air, land or sea, you choose and we organize it!

  • Appreciation of everyone involved

    The buyer knows where the coffee came from, and the producer knows where his coffee went. This way, those who produce can focus on their production and the specialists can focus on serving and extracting the best that each grain can offer.

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